Episode 8

Published on:

1st Mar 2021

Atomic Blonde (2017) w/ Brandice Wilson and Nicole Barlow

Ryan, Brandice, and Nicole chat about the 2017 David Leitch film, Atomic Blonde and it's very 80's soundtrack. We talk how the film's use of these popular songs are used in a way that isn't too on the nose. We break down some of our favorite scenes from the film and Brandice brings up the one scene that she feels falls flat. Brandice also reminisces about almost losing her hearing after seeing the band, HEALTH, while Nicole reminisces about the blatant product placement in the film.

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Soundtrack Your Life
A podcast about soundtracks and why they're important to us.
Twice a month, Ryan Pak takes a look at a soundtrack. Whether it be a song, a band, or a connection to a specific scene, he discusses personal connections to the soundtrack, either with a guest and/or co-hosts, Brandice Wilson and Nicole Barlow. Each month, one episode is with Ryan, Brandice and Nicole, and one episode is with a guest.

Episodes are released on 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month.

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Ryan Pak

Ryan has a degree in Film Studies, and he’s a musician. So, Soundtrack Your Life is the perfect intersection of his two main passions. Plus, he’s an avid music fan—hunting down rare songs from his favorite bands has familiarized him with many obscure soundtracks over the years. It's been so gratifying for him to hear fellow film and music enthusiasts share their stories of why they love soundtracks!