Episode 13

Published on:

12th Jul 2021

High Fidelity (2000) w/ Brandice Wilson and Nicole Barlow

Brandice and Nicole are back to talk about the Stephen Frears film High Fidelity (2000), and we debate whether it really qualifies as a romantic comedy or not. We break down the soundtrack and whether all of it works or whether some of the songs are too on the nose even if you look at the soundtrack as a mixtape for the movie. For a film set in Chicago, we question why there weren't more references to the Chicago indie scene since the original setting of High Fidelity (the book) is in London. 

We give props to the soundtrack supervisor of the film, Kathy Nelson, and how she was able to help get the film made. Somehow, we also get on the subject of thruples, bangs, and Tim Robbins' wig.

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