Episode 13

Published on:

19th Oct 2020

Purple Rain (1984) w/ Kevin Doi

Reverend Kevin Doi is our guest this week to talk about Albert Magnoli’s 1984 film, Purple Rain. Kevin, who was a big Prince fan back in 1984, talks about his skepticism over Prince crossing over into film, how he originally discovered Prince’s music and how the film / soundtrack brought Prince to an audience he had previously not been able to reach. We discuss how the movie wouldn’t be able to be made today with so many non-actors in the film (Wendy, Lisa, Morris Day, Apolonia, etc), and how the film and it’s songs still hold up today.

We also talk about seeing Prince live together in 2013 and our experience watching perhaps the most famous Prince cover band, Princess, fronted by comedian, Maya Rudolph.

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