Episode 7

Published on:

22nd Feb 2021

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) w/ Peter Gardner

It's our 25th Episode and we're celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Steven Spielberg's (Indiana Jones and) Raiders of the Lost Ark with actor/director/writer Peter Gardner who brings a wealth of knowledge about the film and it's soundtrack composer, the great John Williams. This is the first time this podcast has covered a film scored by John Williams so it’s fitting that we pick one of his most famous films! Peter talks about not just Williams’ score for Raiders, but he gives breaks down a lot of Williams’ work with his frequent collaborator Steven Spielberg as well as other highlights in his storied career.

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Twice a month, Ryan Pak takes a look at a soundtrack. Whether it be a song, a band, or a connection to a specific scene, he discusses personal connections to the soundtrack, either with a guest and/or co-hosts, Brandice Wilson and Nicole Barlow.

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